Franchise Advice: A Sweet (Semi-Absentee) Opportunity

Dad and I have found an opportunity we are excited about.  It’s in food (sort of), with impressive numbers and an impressive team behind it; an Area Development and/or Master Development opportunity; and wide open territory in Georgia.  I say “food (sort of)” because the business model is so simple I cannot put it in the same bucket as traditional food service.

We’ve been looking at the self-service yogurt market with a lot of scrutiny for many months.   It’s enjoying explosive growth right now within franchising and independent outfits.   The industry will definitely consolidate, and many of those independents and weaker chains will go away, leaving a handful of brands to own the category.  We believe this business is riding a sustainable growth trend of healthy, affordable, and convenient food alternatives.

We are aligning with a player that we feel very good about.  Honestly, their product just tastes so much better than the competition’s that it drives loyal, repeat customers; they’ve put surrounding competitors out of business with their superior product and customer experience.  The program is unique and appealing all around,  from real estate acquisition, store design and build out cost and time frame; to equipment cost and leasing, product distribution, quality and consistency; from local marketing to operations technology, hiring strategies, and more.  The flexibility of investment choices they offer — retail store, kiosk, or branded vehicle — makes this model uniquely versatile, taking advantage of traditional and non-traditional venue opportunities.

Did I mention this is a semi-absentee business?  You can keep your job, get a job or maintain your current business while launching a multiple location business.  One of the franchise owners does not live in the country and maintains a successful, growing business.

To learn more, you should attend  this free webinar on Thursday, April 19, at 8pm Eastern time.  Dad (Phil) is the point of contact on this, and he can be reached at 770-973-0221 or

Keep in mind: Master Development is the sweet spot of franchising.   We are actively pursuing the right Master Franchise candidate to work hand-in-hand with to develop the Georgia market.

Since we at FranNet rarely work with food and beverage concepts, our alliance with the business has generated a lot of interest.  Be sure to register for the webinar in advance so you can get a spot.


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